Reef Spearfishing

Scuba Dive or Free Dive

The Boat:      Bertram 28

Persons:   6 People Max

4 Hour Trip      $1500  ($250 per Diver)

2 to 3 Scuba Dives or Endless Freedives

6-8 Hour Trip       $1800   ($300 per Diver)

3-4 Scuba Dives or Endless Freedives

Includes USCG Licensed Captain and PADI Divemaster

Lobster Hunting - During the Regular Lobster Season, when lobster become harder to find - We run Lobster Hunting Trips as Reef Spearfishing Trips because Lobsters become harder to find as the season progresses...  So, our solution is to go spearfishing and if we see a lobster...  We grab it.


-  Spearguns

-  Lobster Gear

-  Weights

-  Tanks

-  Bait

-  Bottled Water

-  Ice

-  Captain and Divemaster


-  BCD

-  Regulator Set

-  Computer

-  Fins

-  Mask

-  Snorkel

-  Gloves

LAWS:  We Respect Nature and the laws that protect it.  Individual Fishing Licenses with Lobster Stamps are required.

Ethical & Ecological Spearfishing: We choose our targets wisely.... Fish are known to have strong bonds and pair in a monogamous relationship.  Many species co-parent and raise their young.  Before we spear a fish, we look closely to see if it is surrounded by its offspring.  Many times it is very hard to see the offspring, but they exist and its nice to let that parent fish live to raise their young while focusing efforts on another target. 

Target Species

The Snappers and Groupers we target have healthy populations and are easy to identify.  Some of the Snappers and Groupers listed below have No Size Limit and Others are either 10 or 12 inches... Usually we DO NOT target Nassau, Scamp, Gag, Black, Red Groupers because of the large size limits and the tendency to misidentify the fish.  


Mangrove (Grey), Schoolmaster, Blackfin, Black Snapper, Lane, Dog, Mahogany, Queen, Silk, Vermillion 


Coney, Hind, Graysby, Misty, Red Hind, Rock Hind, Snowy, Speckled Hind, Tiger, Warsaw, Wreckfish



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