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Tech Dives - FUN Dives - Photography Dives - Research Dives


Dive Sites

We Go to all The Dive Sites off of Miami-Dade County and Northern Monroe County.  Dive Depths can Range between 20 Feet to 300 depending on the Divers Goal and Objective for the day.  If you have a Reef or Wreck you would like to visit - The Dive Site Selection can be made by you... or we can recommend several Spots that will safely accomplish your Goals.

Tech Dives

We accommodate Tech Divers with a Simple approach...  You Bring your Gear and We Bring You There...  Meaning You come with your gear and we will get you to your desired Dive Site without Delay or Distraction.  We do a Simple Dive Plan and Emergency Plan. Then Go.

Research Dives

SHARKY can accommodate your Research Project in a support capacity or as a Primary vessel if needed.  We believe in the future of the Marine Environment and we are here to help to our part.  

FUN Dives & Photo/Video Dives

Enjoying the water and Nature is what Diving is all about.  We are here to be of service to you and provide the perfect experience.  If you have a particular animal you would like to photograph - We will try to find it!

Difference with Biscayne Charters

  • We CHUM the Waters (if Desired)

  • We go to Dive Sites that are Further Away

  • Private Group

  • Faster Boat

  • Your Trip on Your Schedule!

  • You can Drink (Responsibly) and Smoke on SHARKY

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