Come Enjoy The Water

Extreme Partying + Extreme Watersports!  From Booze Cruise to Scuba Diving and Kitesurfing... Biscayne Charters is here to make your Adventure FUN and SAFE!


Trips & Charters


PARTY HARD on Biscayne Bay.  Enjoy Riding Jet Skis and Playing in the Water at Haulover, Marine Stadium, Monument Island, Pace and More.


Experience the Thrill of Hunting on Reefs, Wrecks, and the Open Ocean.

We target both Reef and Pelagic Species.

Scuba Dive or Free Dive...  We are here to ensure you meet your goals of spearing a Trophy and Safely make it home in time for dinner.


Scuba Dive or Free Dive for these little Buggers...

We make all the Effort to run Trips consistently Starting at Midnight for Mini Season...  Otherwise during the Regular Season we can do Day or Night Dives as you wish.


Have the Epic Session of a lifetime!  

STILTSVILLE is calling you ...

Full Service Kite Experience.  Pump and Pack + Launch and Land


-  Easily Accommodate 8-10 People
-  Bluetooth Fusion Stereo System
-  Spacious Deck and Cabin
-  Fully Functioning Toilet and Shower Head
-  Air Conditioned Cabin
-  Fly Bridge


About Us

Passion is a Party!

Biscayne Charters is here to make your time on the water enjoyable!

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The Team

Client 3

Damien Jacob

Captain and Divemaster

Client 7


Sailing Expert and Chief Stewardess

Client 5


Mate and Safety Swimmer

Client 6


Safety Diver


Mariner Staffing

Professionals at your Service

Diving with Fish

On-Call Contract Basis

Professional and Capable Captains for Yachts.

Available for Private Vessels and Commercial Operations

Available for Private Vessels and Commercial Operations

Safety is always the Number 1 Priority.

Scuba Equipment

Mates, Deckhands, Stewards

Professional Boat Crew who work the water daily.


Contact Us

We Monitor Channel 9 and 16 on VHF

and We Chat and Communicate on Channel 70 and 72 VHF mostly with other vessels

If we miss your call or text, it may be because we are out on the water with poor reception... But We will get back back to you within 24 Hours.

Phone:  305-769-8236

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